Icy Windows

The windows of my office were so cold, that they were completely covered in ice, resulting in various surreal images, such as an ice saint, an ice river going underground, and an ice-covered mountainscape. These photos were shot as-is, with only some saturation and brightness-contrast tweaking. To be found in Portfolio -> Abstract. Naturally.  

Lijf en Stijl beurs in Zevenhuizen

On Friday, June 24th I will be at the Lijf en Stijl beurs in Zevenhuizen, Gn, from 19.00h to 21.00h in the Jeugdgebouw, Hoofddiep 54 to sell my work. Entrance fee Euro 2.00 (lottery ticket included).

It’s springtime!

In honour of the spring season, a number of flower photos have been uploaded into the Flowers section. These are photos of old roses and English roses, taken by candlelight, to reflect the feeling of 18th and 18th century still life paintings with flowers.

More architecture photos

A new series of architecture photos, called ‘The Church of Industry’, that were taken in the old Strokartonfabriek near Winschoten, can be found in the Portfolio section.

Architecture photos

A new category, Architecture, has been added under the Portfolio menu.